Heineken’s John Smith’s mixes up its Grand National boozing messages

Heineken-owned John Smith’s is a running a campaign by Aesop, supposedly advising racegoers not to get drunk and disorderly at this weekend’s Grand National race meeting at Aintree in Liverpool, which it sponsors.

But it all looks a bit half-hearted given that this TV ad, also by Aesop, is also running; indicating the delights of going to the racecourse bar (via bookies’ tic tac sign language). The main protagonist doesn’t look like an advert for sensible drinklng somehow.

Here’s an ‘anti-boozing’ poster from the same campaign.

But what’s anti-boozing about it? Stay off the sauce and you can service your lady? Anyway the ‘ladies’ get just as hammered at these things as the blokes.

Back to the drawing board chaps.

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