Havas decides bigger is better as it moves US staff into massive new New York HQ

Havas may never be the world’s biggest marcoms group but it’s busily presenting its new Havas Worldwide agency (formerly known as Euro RSCG) as the biggest single agency around by grouping all its other multifarious units with it.

Which still won’t make it the biggest single agency of course but it will certainly look like that to client visitors as they march into its new 200 Hudson Street HQ in New York’s Tribecca district (pictured). With its neighbouring 205 Hudson Street offices this gives Havas 260,000 sq.ft. of prime New York office space, the sort of place where you’d expect to find a bank. The move echoes the company’s decision to purchase the Le Madone tower in Paris in January, where it now has 2,300 employees, about twice the number based in New York.

Any impression that Havas is a big monster out to get you is purely intentional, according to CEO David Jones: “We believe that clients are increasingly looking today for agency partners who understand both brand and digital, who can work seamlessly across media and creative and who actually do the hard work of integration for them rather than leaving it to be the clients’ problem.

“This move and the rebranding reflect our desire to reinforce the structural advantage and superior integration of Havas compared to the other big communication groups. Putting the media and creative agencies in the same building as we have in other parts of the world such as Paris, Chicago, Boston and Shanghai is another important step to delivering better for our clients,” he adds.

Havas brands now include Havas Worldwide (Euro RSCG as was), Arnold Worldwide and Havas Media which includes MPG, Arena Media, Havas Sports Worldwide and Havas Digital. The company recently announced that it was going to buy back 12 per cent of its shares at a cost of €253m.

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