Has Mother New York sold its soul for money in new Burger King celebs campaign?

My friend George Parker of Adscam thinks it has, “Mother needs a good spanking!” avers George in response to Mother New York’s new celebrity-laden campaign for Burger King which features, inter alia, David Beckham (wearing trousers, phew!) and, in the Latino campaign, Salma Hayek, who does flash her best-known assets. Mother should be above such client-pleasing antics George thinks.

As we say on MAA, you be the judge! Here’s Becks:

And here’s Hayek

Interesting that British footballers Beckham gets the lead role over a Hollywood star (I know he’s not Mexican).

So what do you think? The Beckham ad over-eggs the pudding certainly, the (female) worker going weak at the knees is an old joke but OK. But the (male) manager following suit isn’t. Just doesn’t work and Beckham looks overly pleased with himself. Hayek’s a bit more like it.

Interesting that on YouTube the official version has embedding disabled. Is Burger King running scared?

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