Google’s direct challenge to agencies with TrueView

Here something to chill the hears and wallets of agency folk everywhere (actually they might be one and the same). The ad business’s favourite ‘frenemy’ Google is rolling out its Adwords for Video offer with TrueView video ads aimed at (it says) smaller advertisers.

Agencies’ big fear has always been clients going direct to media owners, you can easily see the history of ad agencies and, latterly, media agencies as being the constant battle to persuade advertisers that a third party can add value by doing it better.

Mostly this pitch has worked because agencies have the data and the people to make campaigns work better (and the creative skills of course, but that’s a slightly different although related story).

But Google, Sir Martin Sorrell’s famous ‘frenemy, certainly has the data and now it has even more of the people (creatives too) with the expansion of Google Creative Lab, most notably recently by poaching Wieden+Kennedy digital supremo Iain Tait. And with YouTube it is the world’s biggest online media owner.

To quote Sir Martin again, tech companies these days are actually (barely-disguised) media owners. This is Google’s pitch.

So far Google has been careful to pitch TrueView at little guys. But for how long?

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