Fuck the diet says Unilever’s Du darfst

And that’s about it really. Du darfst is a Unilever slimming brand sold in Germany and its slogan is ‘fuck the diet.’ As many Germans speak good English they’ll know what it means (it’s pretty obvious if you don’t). The ads by Ogilvy & Mather feature the line and they’re being broadcast throughout the day, no watershed (for this at least) in robust Germany.

Has Unilever CMO Keith Weed gone stark raving mad? Has the company’s German HQ been infiltrated by anarchists? Is it still April 1? Or Is this the grown-up future for brand marketing? (That’s enough rhetorical questions – ed).

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    “We need to make sure that children are brought up in a way that respects and develops them. Advertising has a responsibility” – This is a quote from Keith Weed (not Week) in an interview with the Guardian last year. Either he didn’t get shown this in advance, didn’t notice that it wasn’t too responsible or he was trying to prove that he’s not like his name.

    Either way – what a F**K up

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    This kind of unethical advertising has lead to many discuccions here in Germany. From what I read, people have already brought the case to the German Advertising Council. mostly becasue of the abusive language, and that kids all over the place started to use the “F”-word, when they heard it during the Eastern (!) evening tv programmes. The marketing people of Ogilvy & Mather and also those of Unilever Germany will pay dearly for this. We´ve had bad marketing, but this spot marks what will once be defined as the beginning of the worst kind of marketing, breaking all barriers. That is why we need to fight this. If we don´t, we will see more and more of this. And that would be very very bad.

    This is very unclever marketing, making use of the worst kind of marketing thinking. All clever people in Germany will ban this brand; it has already started.

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    Oh, for fuck’s sake.

    Trevor Beattie crapped out 5 years’ worth of FCUK and won awards, and you collection of spineless goons have the nerve to be offended by the actual word.

    Grow up.

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    Well now that watershed’s been breached, how about some related innovation in serving suggestions? Might make for interesting packaging solutions for Peperami, for example. Krispy Creme might seek to borrow from Unilever’s creative thinking as well to good effect.

    On the other hand….

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    Lächerlich. The Germans are such a bunch of brainless prudes. I live in Germany, and God forbid I ever used the words “Scheiße” or “fick”. I even was berated at a store for using the adjective “hässlich”. But they don’t mind “fuck the diet”. That’s because they don’t really understand it. They sort of get it, but they again they don’t. They should really stop this crap of believing that anything in English is cool. Most of the times, it’s disastrous, and it makes them look stupid.