Does P&G’s ‘Proud Sponsor of Mums’ Olympics campaign actually make sense?

Well it’s hardly likely to shift that many Procter & Gamble products, although the brands come flying in almost as an afterthought near the end. But P&G has paid up to be one of the main Olympics sponsors along with the likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Samsung, for the next ten years so obviously it had to do something.

This predictably capable (if slightly cheesy) Wieden+Kennedy Portland film showing mothers about their labours, including the teary-eyed duty of watching their little darlings take the first steps towards athletic achievement, is its global flagship for London 2012 and you can hardly accuse it of lacking ambition. ‘Sponsoring’ the child-producing element of half the world’s population is a pretty big ask.

Will people, mums in particular, feel warmer towards P&G? Or will many of them just scratch their heads, wondering what P&G is? It’s a bit like Coke’s ‘Happiness’ campaign. Are brand owners becoming a bit too big for their boots – and their own good?

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    Are brand owners becoming a bit too big for their boots – and their own good?
    This is a critical question as we see nations less and less able to look after their own populations, and where the shift of wealth has moved from the state to corporations which often are bigger than many nations in terms of wealth. They are increasingly determining what we consume – not just physically but in terms of information too – making us believe they are benevolent entities that look after the population of the world.

    Yes, probably they are becoming too big for their boots there’s nobody around to stop them.

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    Absolute shit… Here’s what I wrote on AdScam… God, what a load of old bollocks… Whip your two year old kids out of bed at 5.00 AM. Give ’em beans on toast. Make them practice ’til they drop, whilst destroying their so-called “happy years”. Hopefully win a gold in twenty years. Get sponsored by Charmin “Bathroom Tissues” for fucking millions. Then “Mom” can blow all the dough on crack and adventures in Vegas. So much for the Olympic spirit. By the way… Where the fuck is Dad whilst all this shit is going on? Maybe it’s just me, but the midget gymnast’s mum looked like she had all those “tears” tattooed on her cheeks. Don’t worry, we can now look forward to being buried in this shit for the next three months. Whilst Britain can look forward to paying for this shitasmic charade for the next thirty years. Baron Pierre de Coubertin must be spinning like a fucking top! Go for the Gold!!!
    Thank God I’m not in London this summer… Cheers/George

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    Very tactfully put George. Totally agree.

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    Advertising in its own nature is to encourage an individual to do a specific action. And this encouragement could be done in various forms. Like when we encourage children by different techniques such as using joyful colors, exciting games, musics and …. to do something as we like.

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    it’s just awful this. and it’s not even true.
    my brother was an international sportsman and trust me, the whole family gave up everything so he could pursue his endeavours. not just *mum*.

    i am still a bit pissed off about that actually.
    perhaps i should seek therapy.