Citigroup turns 200 with carefully-edited history

US banking giant Citigroup (or Citi as it likes to be known) is 200 this year and has produced this film to celebrate the fact, as you do. It celebrates some of the great things the bank has been involved in, like digging the Panama Canal in 1904 (great if you weren’t one of the poor sods digging it) and even the invention of ATMs in 1977 (yes, undeniably useful).

Citigroup of course was a principal player in the great banking crash of 2009 (bailed out by the US government). Back in 2007 its then CEO Charles Prince, a lawyer by trade, was determined to ignore any clouds on the financial horizon and told the FT (in relation to leveraged buyout deals, many of which turned sour): “As long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance,” adding, “We’re still dancing.”

Charlie doesn’t feature in the film.

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