Will Project Re:Brief help to make Google the world’s biggest ad agency?

Some might say it is already of course but now the Googlers are doing the rounds of veteran creatives and famous old ads to inspire their own generation of teched-up creatives.

Project Re:Brief has rounded up a number of tech-fearing oldies and their works from the !960s onwards and re-imagined them in contemporary terms. Here’s the plan:

And here’s Volvo’s wonderful ‘Drive it like you hate it – better than psychiatry’ ad from 1962 (first time I’ve seen it).

And writer Amil Gargano (pictured) ‘re-imagining’ his famous campaign with serried Googlers and Volvo owner Irv Gordon, who’s driven nearly three million miles in his rather smarter 1960s Volvo. Gargano is a class act, a former Korean War veteran who set up Ally & Gargano with Carl Ally, the Swissair account, $50,000 and then the very timely arrival of Volvo, whose odd-looking cars (for US tastes) were unknown there at the time.

Fantastic stuff, by Johannes Leonardo and Google Labs. You can quibble with bits of Google promotion (but, hey, they’re in advertising now) and offences against the language – “carry on concepting” – but the points are good ones and well made.

So what’s all this ‘the world’s biggest advertising agency’ stuff about? Well if you can pick any great old campaign from the past and do this with it, what’s to stop you? Next on the list are Avis and Alka-Seltzer. Volvo’s current management clearly likes the idea too. It also helps if you’ve got lively, great talents like Amil Gargano to hand as well.

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