Was the the Mad Men era really defined by pyjamas?

Amongst other things, obviously it was.

The fifth series of Mad Men starts Sunday in the US, and probably on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

I wouldn’t know because I’m a Virgin customer in the UK and don’t have Sky Atlantic. There are lots of reasons not to like BSkyB in the UK and putting Mad Men on Sky Atlantic only is first in the queue (even supposing Virgin had some money left to buy it). I can live without Dustin Hoffman’s horse racing saga and Sean Bean playing wizards and dragons but this is just too much.

If my old friend Rupert Murdoch rings me I’ll tell him so.

Anyway, everybody is rowing in on Mad Men, including the New Yorker with some Mad Men era press ads. And they are crap.

Here’s one for pyjamas. Pyjamas, to take a detour, are quite interesting things. I read somewhere that dapper former British PM Anthony Eden used to wear double-breasted pyjamas, made by his Savile Row tailor. I’ve always wondered whether or not he had the inside button on his jimjams to ensure the jacket hung without creases? Bet George Osborne does. Bit of a performance at bedtime. Anyway, this is quite spectacular, from the New Yorker.

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