Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry’s enters UK gay marriage row with ‘Apple-y Ever After’ flavour

The UK Establishment, especially its sizeable religious constituency, is getting its knickers in a right old twist about the issue of gay marriage with some Anglican bishops and nearly all the Roman Catholic hierarchy fulminating against what they see as an attempt (by a Tory-led coalition of all things) to suborn the principle of Christian marriage by allowing gays to marry in church.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s most senior Catholic, even described the moves as ‘heresy,’ prompting some to consider the disagreeable prospect of an auto-da-fe on Elton John’s front lawn.

Now Ben & Jerry’s, the old hippie ice cream brand now owned by global giant Unilever, has entered the debate by rebranding its Oh My! Apple Pie ice-cream (and how wholesome is that?) to Apple-y Ever After in the UK with a pack that features two happy bridegrooms.

B&J is also joining gay rights charity Stonewall to launch a social media campaign supporting the legislation with a #applyeverafter hashtag on Twitter. Back in 2009 B&J renamed its Chubby Hubby flavour to Hubby Hubby to support gay marriage legislation in its home state of Vermont.

Maybe they should send a case of it to the cardinal.

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