TBWA’s Lee Clow: clients are penny-pinching bastards who don’t understand inspiration

And he ought to know what he’s talking about: Lee Clow (pictured), chairman of TBWA/Chiat Day, is the man who’s handled Apple’s advertising for the last 30-odd years, and Apple hasn’t done badly has it?

Agencies are always moaning about clients, of course, as clients have been known to do the other way round. But Lee has a point:

Running a creative ad agency is very like being in the film business: you have a great idea, at some point a script, and then lots of idiots get involved and it ends up worse. In ads you get the dubious benefits of research too. And then the procurement department. And, according to Clow, you’re not fairly rewarded for the inspired, money-making ideas that do fight their way through the system.

Hope he doesn’t mean Apple.

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