Storm breaks over new Apple iPad 4G ad ‘claims’

Ad regulators in Sweden and the UK are investigating alleged claims in Apple’s current campaign fot the new iPad 3 that it has 4G capability – it does in the US on the AT&T and Versizon LTE networks but not in other parts of the world.

The ferocious Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has already announced that it is to take legal action against Apple for ‘misleading’ consumers with its 4G label and Apple has offered to refund Australian buyers who feel they were misled.

Apple has shrugged off such problems in the past although refunding consumers could make a modest dint in even Apple’s $100bn cash pile.

On the face of it, it looks as though Apple hasn’t been claiming 4G for iPad 3s sold outside the US (as the company says). But, as this image from PadGadget comparing the US and Australia suggests, it does imply that that the 3 is as whizzy as it can be, which strongly implies 4G.

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