Russian search giant Yandex targets western Europe

Russian search giant Yandex is taking the battle to its European rivals with a new office in Lucerne headed by Bernard Lukey, former head of Russian online store

Yandex runs search sites plus a range of online services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. In Russia, Yandex has about 60 per cent of the country’s search market. The company’s new sales office in Lucerne is intended to work with its advertising clients in Europe and is a timely launch with the Euro soccer finals to be held partly in the Ukraine this summer.

“International sales have been growing fast over the past few years. We are launching our Lucerne sales office to build a closer relationship with advertising agencies and our clients in Europe,” says chief commercial officer Alexei Tretiakov. “We are also keen to intensify our marketing and sales activities in Europe to attract new clients. We believe that by launching this office we’ll boost our European sales.”

Yandex offers a wide range of contextual and display advertising opportunities to clients interested in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan on its own websites, as well as on web sites across its Yandex Advertising Network. Advertisers can manage their contextual campaigns via Yandex.Direct, Yandex’s proprietary auction-based ad-serving system, available both in Russian and in English. The total daily audience of the ads served via Yandex.Direct exceeds 21m.

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