Pepsi’s old soccer stars go crowd surfing in new CLM BBDO extravaganza

Well we’re only worried about them pulling a hamstring or something.

You can imagine the client briefing meeting at Pepsi: “yes, we know we’ve been doing the same thing for years and so has Adidas and so has Nike but these guys are on our payroll so you’ve got to use them.”

So CLM BBDO in Paris has produced a crowd surfing extravaganza for Pepsi, ‘Kick in the Mix,’ featuring Lionel Messi, Jose Aguero, Jack Wilshere and veterans Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. At least even older David Beckham got a day off. Oh, and Fernando Torres but we’ll draw a veil over that one. You can’t actually see who’s whizzing through the air but it’s safe to say it’s not this lot.

Drogba says (loyally): “The storyline to the advert is so exciting and different from anything I have seen before.” You should get out more Didier.

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