Nestle and Cadbury to spark a posh chox revolution?

Chilli chocolate anyone? Well it might be the next big thing as Nestle, with its Maison Cailler brand, and Kraft’s Cadbury, with UK brand Green & Black’s, try to persuade us to spend much more on the world’s most acceptable weakness.

Nestle is plugging its Maison Cailler brand, a business that started in 1890, with an online campaign offering (in Switzerland and Lichtenstein initially) the option of making up their own selection boxed from flavours including peppercorn, vanilla, raspberry and verbena (a flower).

Cadbury has just appointed Mother in London to handle Green & Black’s, a posh chocolate bars business started in 1991 by journalists Jo Fairley and Craig Sams and sold to Cadbury in 2005.

As you can see from the above, posh chox are also a pretty good way top burnish your Fairtrade credentials, a marketing dream if combined with higher margins than more basic chocolate. Nestle’s favourite product is premium coffee-maker Nespresso, a $3bn brand).

Kraft has done little with Green & Black’s since buying Cadbury, apart from gaining more supermarket distribution. Last year the ad budget doubled but only to a pretty measly £1.3m through agency Brave. Mother wouldn’t really be interested at that level so maybe Green & Black’s is going in to bat on the international stage against Maison Cailler and Swiss-based Lindt (still independent, somehow) plus the many ’boutique’ chocolatiers popping up all over the place.

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