McDonald’s ups the stakes in the health game with Happy Meals relaunch

McDonald’s is always damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t, witness the fuss over the recent TV campaign praising its farmer suppliers.

Now it’s in the process of providing more ammunition for its legions of critics by revamping its Happy Meals, the kids’ packages responsible for creating the fattest generation on earth, according to many. Unfortunately children rather like them, as do some sneaky adults.

But now Happy Meals are coming with a few apple slices (it’s typical of McDonald’s, why not just given ’em an apple?), kids’ portions of fries (smaller presumably) and options like fat-free chocolate milk.

Leo Burnett Chicago has been given the task of crafting a TV campaign that doesn’t blow the set apart for this one (which we’ll bring to you as soon as it sneaks out). Burnett agencies across the world have produced some fine advertising for McDonald’s despite being lumbered with the horrible ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ tag which maybe plays well in the US (we’re being charitable here).

Maybe the line is the problem. What about ‘Goddamn it, it’s only a hamburger?’

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