McCann debut for Sony Xperia shows a kids’ world

Here’s McCann Worldgroup’s debut ad for Sony Mobile’s Xperia smartphone, its first product since buying out its former mobile partner Ericsson AB.

It doesn’t feature kids in the ad, as we suspected it would, except in the voiceover and the idea, how the things work as imagined by eight year-old Jake Ryan.

So is it a creative tour de force, truly ‘Made of Imagination’ from Fantastic Mr Fox director Wes Anderson? Not on first viewing. But it ticks all the boxes, as you’d expect. And maybe the market for smartphones is now eight year-olds. Terrifying.

I wonder how, by the way, this affects McCann’s relationship with Microsoft. It handles XBox and some Windows phone work. But with Sony wielding its wallet aggressively, maybe it doesn’t care.

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