Kraft’s snacks business takes the road to Mondelez

Blimey, how daft is that?

New company names never cease to amaze (remember the birth of Diageo). But Kraft has taken the biscuit, or maybe the Oreo, with its choice of Mondelez International (complete with silly accent, it eludes my keyboard ‘skills’ anyway) for its new separately-listed snacks company to be headed by current all-of-Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld (pictured). The separate Kraft food business will still be called Kraft (phew).

Mondelez is apparently a hybrid of two Latin words meaning ‘delicious world’ (can’t imagine Julius Caesar wrapping his tonsils around that, maybe they mean Latin as in America). According to the scholars at the FT it’s supposed to be pronounced “mohn-dah-LEEZ,” which doesn’t really advance matters. Do you pronounce the z?

The name was chosen from two thousand or so suggestions from employees Kraft says, the winners being one in the US and one in Europe, subsequently shoe-horned together, it seems.

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