Heimat Berlin brings some magic to Hornbach DIY

Ads from DIY retailers equal boring in most places but Heimat in Berlin has produced a tour de force for German retailer Hornbach.

“Hornbach continues to do its own thing – achieving big things with your bare hands,’ says Heimat creative chief Guido Heffels. “An indispensable part of this is understanding what goes on inside the minds of DIY’ers.”

It’s never quite grabbed me this way I have to confess but maybe that’s because UK DIY retailers like B&Q and Homebase produce price-driven schlock despite their huge TV budgets.

But this is rather like Del Campo Saatchi’s ads for BGH Air Conditioners in Argentina; just because it’s not beer or perfume or cars doesn’t mean that you can’t produce creative advertising that’s also fun. In the UK it’s as though the example set years ago by great agencies like CDP and BMP has been completely forgotten.

The campaign airs on major TV channels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Romania with the remaining European countries (including the UK, one hopes) to follow. Media was by Crossmedia in Dusseldorf.

Creative by Guido Heffels and his team at Heimat. The film was directed by Martin Krejci for Stink, Berlin.

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