‘Granny Tax’ could end Osborne’s chances of becoming Tory leader and open the door to Boris

All these clever clogs chancellors of the UK exchequer come unstuck now and then (look at Gordon Brown) and hyper-ambitious current incumbent George Osborne (pictured) may just have made his big mistake by trying to sneak through his now-notorious ‘Granny Tax,‘ a sneaky way to try to ensure that pensioners (who by and large are not rich) pay more tax.

George said this was a measure to tidy up the tax system. In fact it was a way to raise revenue.

Nothing wrong with the latter – the UK needs money. But if you’re going to hit someone – particularly oldies – be man enough to come out and say so.

This is all grist to the mill of London mayor Boris Johnson, who’s probably hoping that he loses the forthcoming mayoral election to his old foe Ken Livingstone because that way he can get back into Parliament sooner. And he’ll still get to open the London Olympics.

Johnson is Osborne’s most obvious rival to succeed current PM David Cameron.

The Daily Mail has corruscated Osborne for his Granny Tax, and that’s an enemy no Tory politician ever wants to have.

Most senior Mail editors regard Johnson as a playboy politician who gets away with politico murder, chasing girls and not reading his briefs.

But Boris has the X Factor with Tory voters and, a few, of the others. Osborne’s sneaky granny raid – it’s only supposed to bring in £1bn, peanuts by the UK’s current requirements – could open the Tory succession the door to Boris.

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