Fiat replaces Jennifer Lopez with Charlie Sheen – foolhardy or plain mad?

To launch the Fiat 500 in the US the Italian car company, also now the majority owner of Chrysler, chose Jennifer Lopez to front a truly awful campaign that resulted in the departure of Fiat’s top US exec Laura Soave.

Undeterred, the company has now turned to celebrated bad boy Charlie Sheen, former star of Two and a Half Men, whose antics include partying with a bevy of tarts. Here’s Charlie with statuesque Romanian model Catrinel Menghia, looking a bit like Bernie Ecclestone with the former Mrs Ecclestone.

And here’s a version of Fiat’s Super Bowl ad with the formidable Ms Menghia (the original was banned by YouTube for some reason, maybe the little guy was even further up Menghia’s skirt).

By The Richards Group, I think. US ads are getting decidedly saucy these days. So maybe Charlie is the man for the job.

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