Connected UK sets out to raise profile of UK’s ‘converging’ creative industries

It’s finally begun to dawn on politicians and other policy makers that one of the things the UK is good at is creativity. More particularly that the so-called ‘creative industries’ earn the country buckets of money in exports.

And there are signs of a bit more private sector support too: Google’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ development near London’s Old Street, in now achingly fashionable Shoreditch, is one. And now some advertising, film, digital and gaming representatives are getting together to launch Connected UK which will take place in London this May and June.

One of the organisers is the UK’s agency trade association the IPA which has doubtless registered the success of Creative Week in New York. IPA president Nicola Mendelsohn (pictured) says:“Connected UK will provide a fertile feeding ground for our creative industries to share ideas, inspiration and insights in order to build on one another’s skills and connections, and collectively to strengthen our UK position as a creative innovation hub to the world.”

The events will take place in London’s Wimpole Street (rather posher than Shoreditch). Connected UK’s sponsors are Channel 4, Sky, PayWizard, City of Westminster and Imaginox.

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