BBH and Audi underline return to form with ‘Ugly Duckling’ ad for the A5

Bartle Bogle Hegarty London’s return to form over the past year or so has been quite remarkable and one of the clients to benefit has been long-standing Audi, of ‘Vorsprung Durch Technic’ fame, latterly with the A6 Avant ad. Before then Audi advertising went through a rather Lewis Hamilton phase, driving erratically and suffering the odd prang as it focussed on Audi’s Le Mans performances (which, arguably, don’t mean that much to Brit car buyers).

BBH is also manifesting a rather unlikely predilection for nursery rhyme-style communications at the moment, with the celebrated Guardian ‘Three Little Pigs’ ad and now this one for the A5, featuring a 1920s ‘Ugly Duckling’ turning into a swan-like A5.

Is it Danny Kaye singing or a soundalike?

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