AMV/BBDO springs an emotional surprise for the UK’s National Lottery

This is an interesting ad for the UK’s National Lottery: instead of focussing on the joys of winning it shows one of the 370,000 ‘good causes’ the Lottery supports.

And the ad from AMV/BBDO could hardly be more downbeat, although most people will find it uplifting too.

The charity Heroes Return pays for World War Two veterans to return to the scenes of their service, in this case a pretty traumatic one.

The nobility of it all shouldn’t blind us to the fact that this is also a stark contrast with the ads infesting the airwaves for Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond’s new and controversial Health Lottery, aimed at raising funds for the UK’s permanently embattled National Health Service (and leaving a few quid in Desmond’s bulging pockets along the way).

So what better way to say the National Lottery is a proper lottery as opposed to this interloper? One small quibble, ‘heroes’ has become synonymous with servicemen in the UK these days (past or present, as in the Help for Heroes charity) and they can’t all have been heroes. Not AMV’s fault though.

The copywriter was Alex Grieve and the art director Adrian Rossi. The film was directed by John Hillcoat for Stink.

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    Absolutely brilliant ad to spotlight the exact things we should know about with the Lottery! See our review here…