Aegis forecasts boom time for digital in 2012/13

And doubtless in years to come too. Aegis Group CEO Jerry Buhlmann (pictured), basking in the glow of record profits and growth numbers, has found time to peer into his crystal ball (who does he think he is? Martin Sorrell?) and forecasts that digital advertising will overtake print worldwide some time in 2012 or 2013.

Aegis says digital will grow by about 15 per cent over the next couple of years to take 15.5 per cent of the global ad market in 2013 compared to print’s 14.3 per cent (although Buhlmann says newspapers remain strong in places like China and India). Telly will remain firmly on top of the heap however with a 45.7 per cent share.

Aegis forecasts are less optimistic about Europe and the US than the rest of the world, predicting just 1.5 per cent media market in growth in Europe this year and a rather better five per cent in the US. These latter musings are quite old however, Europe may well perform more strongly now that the Greek debt crisis has receded (possibly temporarily).

Whatever, the outlook looks rather good for Aegis and its networks Carat, Vizeum, Isobar and Posterscope. It will be interesting to see if the company manages to elbow its way on to Unilever’s £6bn media roster, currently under review. It’s currently in the process of bedding down General Motors’ £3bn global media account but that probably won’t deter it from having a go.

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