Will James Bond actor Daniel Craig really star in Heineken commercials?

He might do as Heineken is claiming that its new deal with the James Bond franchise owners will include Daniel Craig’s ‘participation’ in Heineken’s ‘Open your world’ campaign from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam (Heineken has just extended its 15-year sponsorship deal).

The new Bond film, Skyfall, the 23rd in the series, goes on release in September after a delay caused by financial problems at studio MGM. 2012 is the 50th anniversary of James Bond on film, the series starting in 1962 with Sean Connery in Dr No.

Heineken chief commercial officer Alexis Nasard says: “The trust that we have built has allowed us to take the partnership to a new level by linking Skyfall directly with our award winning global ‘Open Your World’ campaign. We are confident our activation plan will ignite the conversation with our consumers and film viewers.”

According to Skyfall producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson: “The level of collaboration with Heineken is unprecedented. We are excited by the global reach and the creativity that the Heineken team is able to deliver.”

Well that all seems fairly cut and dried although big stars tend to cut up rough when they’re asked to make more films on top of the one they’ve just completed. And demand a lot more money. But Craig usually carries out his publicity duties in good spirit so maybe we’ll see him in one of these:

Perhaps they should also cast the guy in the ad in the movie.

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