Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and the BBDO network top Gunn Report’s 2011 honours list

The Gunn Report has finished its computations of the highest-scoring agencies, networks, countries etc on the worldwide awards circuit in 2011. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is the best performing agency for the first time and BBDO the best performing network for the umpteenth. W+K Amsterdam’s ‘Write the future’ for Nike was the top scoring commercial, the US won the country poll. Here’s the Gunn Report’s report.

The Most Awarded Commercials in The World in 2011

Nike • Write The Future (Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam), triumphs in the Film table and also takes the prize as the most awarded commercial in the 13 year history of The Gunn Report.
2= Heineken • The Entrance (Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam)
2= T-Mobile • Welcome Back (Saatchi & Saatchi, London)
4. Old Spice Body Wash • Questions / Boat (Wieden+Kennedy, Portland)
5= Google Chrome • Speed Tests (BBH/Google Creative Lab, New York)
5= Volkswagen Passat • The Force (Deutsch LA/Lowe & Partners, Los Angeles)

The Most Awarded Print Ads & Campaigns in The World in 2011
China has the winner for the first time ever. A brilliantly art directed creation – Samsonite Suitcases • Heaven And Hell (JWT Shanghai)
2. FedEx • Neighbours campaign (DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo)
3. Harvey Nichols • Accessories Required campaign (Y&R Dubai)
4= Decode Bing with Jay-Z • Decode Bing with Jay-Z (Droga5, New York)
4= Land Rover • Passport Stamps (RKCR/Y&R, London)

The Most Awarded Digital in The World in 2011
‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,’ having conquered in film in 2010, takes top spot with Old Spice Body Wash ‘Responses’ campaign (Wieden+Kennedy, Portland).
2. Zenith Independent Band • Sour/Mirror (Masashi Qanta Saquoosha Hiroki,Tokyo)
3= Google Chrome • Speed Tests (BBH/Google Creative Lab, New York)
3= Mini Countryman • Mini Getaway Stockholm (Jung von Matt, Stockholm)
5. Uniqlo • Uniqlo Luck Line (Dentsu, Tokyo)

The Most Awarded All Gunns Blazing in The World in 2011

A three-way tie for top of the All Gunns Blazing table (our name for integrated, innovative, titanium et al) – Decode Jay-Z with Bing (Droga5, New York), Concert Hall Dortmund • Concert Milk (Jung von Matt, Hamburg) and the entire integrated Old Spice campaign.
4= Nike • Write The Future (Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam/AKQA, London)
4= WWF • Save As WWF (Jung von Matt, Hamburg)

The Most Awarded Countries in The World in 2011
The USA win with the second highest score ever. Australia has its best ever ranking in 6th with 31 more points than previous best score. Indonesia makes it in for the first time, taking the number of countries ever to appear in the Top 25 up to 38.
2. UK
3. Brazil
4. Argentina
5. Germany

The Most Awarded Advertisers in The World in 2011

Nike wins with the highest points total in the last 12 years, relegating previous ten times winner Volkswagen to second spot.
3. Google
4. Old Spice
5. WWF

The Most Awarded Production Companies in The World in 2011
@radical.media (New York, LA, Sydney, Berlin) tops the table for the first time, relegating MJZ, winner for the last five years, down to fourth.
2. Independent/[email protected] (London)
3. Smuggler (New York, Los Angeles, London)
4. MJZ (New York, LA, London)
5. Stink / Stink Digital (London, Berlin, Paris)

The Most Awarded Director in The World in 2011
Director of “Write The Future”, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is the clear winner in the Director’s table.
2. Chris Milk
3. Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
4. Henry Alex-Rubin
5. Fredrik Bond

The Most Awarded Agency in The World in 2011
One and the same network takes the first two places– the first time ever this has happened. And it’s a network with 20 times fewer offices than the rest. Number one is Wieden+Kennedy (Amsterdam) and No 2 is Wieden+Kennedy (Portland). And Wieden+Kennedy in London and in Tokyo also make the Top 50.

“We’re humbled and proud to be recognized in such a way. It goes without saying, although we are about to say it, that this would never be possible without our insanely talented co-workers, the production companies we partner with and our courageous clients, who thankfully all share the same dedication to making great work and willingness to put up with our madness,” said Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy, executive creative directors at W+K Amsterdam.

3. AlmapBBDO (Sao Paulo) (most awarded agency in Print)
4. Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi (Buenos Aires) (highest ever ranking)
5. Jung von Matt (Hamburg, Berlin, Dortmund) (most awarded agency in AGB)

The Most Awarded Agency in Digital in The World in 2011
The share of total points going to specialist digital agencies, versus mainstream agencies, has declined from 54 per cent in 2008 and 2009 to 22 per cent in 2011. There is a three-way tie for the Number One ranking – AKQA (London), BBH (New York) & R/GA (New York).
4. Wieden+Kennedy (Portland)
5. Dentsu (Tokyo)

The Most Awarded Agency Network in The World in 2011
Rankings one to four are the same for the third year in a row. BBDO notched up 55 more points than 2nd place with only 6 points separating second to fifth. In the 13 years of The Gunn Report, DDB has won in the Networks table twice, Leo Burnett and TBWA once each. And BBDO all the other nine times.
2. DDB
3. Ogilvy
4. Leo Burnett
5. Wieden+Kennedy

“This year saw one of the closest races ever in ‘The Most Awarded Agency Networks in the World’ table. Only six points separated four networks, between second and fifth place. This highlights the remarkable level of creativity being practised in our industry today,” says Mark Tutssel, chief creative officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide and this year’s Gunn Report guest editor.

Full results, tables, commentaries and examples of work are available at www.gunnreport.com.

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