UK’s Change4Life and M&C Saatchi try to stop the British boozing

Well there’s a lost cause for a start – and I thought the coalition government had decided not to ‘waste’ any more money on advertising.

By and large the Brits hate being told what to do by bossy government although agencies seize on the opportunity gleefully of course. Actually this is a pretty good effort by M&C Saatchi aimed at persuading us to drink less, making some quite sensible points in a low-key way.

It reminds me of the time aeons ago when someone noticed even more cigarette smoke than usual emanating from Charles Saatchi’s office. Charlie was toiling away on his celebrated Health Education Council anti-smoking ads and required even more Benson & Hedges than usual. Allegedly he once finished a TV interview about the campaign with the words: “Shit, I need a smoke.”

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