Super Bowl Clint Eastwood and Chrysler promise a second half comeback for America

How do you top last year’s Eminem Super Bowl epic for Chrysler? Sign up American icon Clint Eastwood to tell 100m or so viewers in the US and countless more around the world that it’s only “half time in America” and the old country, led by Detroit, is coming out fighting in the second.

The ad, at two minutes some $14m or so in airtime, could have been a big embarrassment but Clint and agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland (I presume) pull it off.

It clearly harks back to Hal Riney’s famous ad for president Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984, one of the most celebrated American ads of all time.

Some party poopers have pointed out that Chrysler, which claims to be leading this Detroit charge, is only with us thanks to a US government bailout and eventual transfer of majority ownership to Italian car firm Fiat.

just don’t tell that to Clint..

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