SapientNitro turns to art for Absolut India

SapientNitro has produced an interesting wheeze for Absolut vodka in India, combining a ‘soundscape’ with an art installation (and accompanying viral film) that marries Absolut’s visual style with various sounds of India, which are triggered when someone comes near to the bottle.

The work is inspired by the Indian notion of the ‘unseen,’ a spiritual quest that seeks inner enlightenment. More prosaically the installation, which made its debut at last week’s India Art Fair in Delhi, uses open source micro controllers with custom electronics, ultra-sonic range sensors and monaural speakers. The bottles are mounted on a shelf of wood, glass and resin.

ABSOLUT INDIA from SapientNitro India on Vimeo.

SapientNitro creatives were Suchitra Gahlot and Sunil Vallu. The nicely-shot film was by Ayesha Sood of film-making collective Juman.

SapientNitro has also come top in a recent Forrester Research survey assessing US digital agencies offering mobile marketing services. SapientNitro scored 4.25 or more (maximum five) in the three categories measured: current offering, strategy and market presence).

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