Now the Guardian joins Cannes adfest with young creatives competition

Cannes is becoming a bit like Ancient Rome, the whole world (in this case the creative one) gathers there and there are an increasing number of supplicants hawking their wares to try to get a start in the business.

Saatchi & Saatchi was the first to spot this potential with its Young Directors’ Showcase 21 years ago (before Cannes was quite the global phenomenon it now is); now the UK’s Guardian newspaper is joining the Cannes Young Lions competition inviting entries from people in the UK under 28 (30 for marketers rather bizarrely) to go off and seek their fortune at the festival.

Applicants get a weekend to answer a brief (rather less time than they’ll get in real life, should they make it). Judging by the number of redundancies agencies are making rather sneakily at the moment (in the US there have been rather less sneaky cullings at Goodby Silverstein and Crispin Porter among others) the Guardian might find it gets some applicants trying to get back into the business.

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