Kraft and Taxi score again with ‘FIKA’ ad for Gevalia

Fika is the Swedish word for coffee break apparently and it’s the theme of this new ad, featuring naughty-but-nice spokesman Johan, for Gevalia coffee from brand owner Kraft and current agency of the moment Taxi New York (a month ago it was Droga5 but things happen quickly at the once sleepy food and snacks company these days).

Last year Kraft fell out with Starbucks which it used to sell to supermarkets. Swedish brand Gevalia is its planned premium coffee replacement.

Yesterday we looked at Taxi’s campaign for another big Kraft launch, MiO energy drink additive. Taxi, founded in Toronto 20 years ago by Paul Lavoie and Jane Hope, was bought by WPP last year and aligned with the Y&R network.

Since then its Amsterdam office has gained a place on the VW roster and New York won the bulk of Revlon’s $260m account, formerly handled in-house. Now it’s going great guns for Kraft.

At this rate WPP will renaming the mighty Y&R (as Young & Rubicam it was the biggest agency in the US for many years) Taxi Y&R.

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