Kraft and Droga5 trust Mel to work his magic for new snack bar Milkbite

They’re a pretty adventurous bunch at Kraft these days and arguably the top US creative creative agency at the moment, Droga5, is embarking on another prize assignment, new ‘healthy’ snack product Milkbite.

Milkbite is a bar made of milk and granola, which sounds a bit weird, so Droga5 has invented a conflicted animated character, Mel, who suffers an identity crisis as he doesn’t know whether he’s milk or granola. Mel is a product of Muppet creator Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

Kraft’s Michelle Lorge says Mel is having an “existential crisis” which will be resolved in time as he “completes his journey.” Mel’s destination is presumably lots of Americans scoffing Milkbites.

It’s an interesting notion and Droga5 looks like the right choice. The agency has the knack of approaching things from a different and refreshing angle, instanced by its work for another big client Puma. When Kraft eventually splits into two companies, food and snacks, it will be interesting to see which bit it goes with. Might be both, of course.

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