Indie duo triumph for Doritos at the Super Bowl

Maybe this crowd-sourcing lark is a good idea after all, it certainly works for PepsiCo’s Doritos.

Two Doritos films from indie film makers have topped USA Today’s polls for the most popular ad with the public at the Super Bowl, netting Kevin Willson (left) (‘Sling Baby’) and Jonathan Friedman (‘Great Dane’) $1m each from a grateful PepsiCo.

Here’s Willson’s ‘Sling Baby” (and, no, the old person isn’t Clint Eastwood).

And Friedman’s agreeably disagreeable cat-munching ‘Great Dane.’

Who needs agencies eh? Actually these really are better than most of the stuff that PepsiCo produces from official sources.

Some agencies did earn their crust in the Super Bowl though, not least San Francisco outfit Venables Bell. Venables Bell has done a sterling job positioning Audi as a credible luxury brand in the US and, this time round, concentrates on just one Audi feature, those rather gaudy LED headlights.

So that’s what they’re for!

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