Fearless Group co-founder Jerry Judge picks his Desert Island Ads

Jerry Judge is a co-founder of self-styled ‘capitalist collective’ The Fearless Group. Based in New York. Fearless is a new-style agency bringing together senior people from a number of marketing disciplines. Born in London, he has worked in senior management roles in a number of top creative agencies including TBWA, BBH and Lowe in London and Lowe in New York. He then became CEO of Lowe International (now owned by Interpublic) and oversaw the merger of Ammirati Puris Lintas and Lowe in 1999.

Here Judge picks his ‘Desert Island Ads,’ some of the highlights of a nearly 40-year career in advertising.

1. I was at Leo Burnett. I took a girl to the “pictures”. I saw this. I wanted to be part of advertising.

B&H Small Cigars ‘Istanbul’ 1974

2. I was an early employee at TBWA. John Bartle and Bob Edwards sold this campaign. It was radical work at the time. I had the privilege of perpetuating it. Mike Head was one of the marketing people. He’s a partner in Fearless today.

Johnson & Johnson Cotton Buds 1982

3. Creative director, John Hegarty. Creative team, Mike Cozens and Graham Watson. Account director, Tim Lindsay. I did the voice over for the animatic. They say one of the greatest ads of all time!

Lego ‘Kipper’ 1981

4. Audi. In my opinion one of the greatest client teams EVER. Brian Bowler, John Meszaros and the rest of them. Classy, classy guys. Mind you, they had a pretty good account team. Nigel Bogle, Steve Gash….and me.

Audi UK- 1984

5. I loved Charles Ing’s Independent ad…Litany. And as I was CEO of Lowe Howard Spink at the time could claim some distant association. But long before then, John Webster’s Guardian ad for BMP hit me and BBH at a vulnerable moment. BBH was once again rededicating itself to being better. Then this appeared. It made BBH better. It really did.

The Guardian ‘Points of View’ 1986

6. I remember saying to Roger Best, the client, “This will be brilliant. And you can have it good, fast, cheap. But only two out of three.” Roger said, “Good and cheap Jerry”. It was both.

Reebok ‘Field of Dreams’ 1996

7. Lee Garfinkel was creative director of Lowe New York and wrote the ad. I was president of Lowe Worldwide. I just loved it. Casting. Music. Direction. Brilliant.

Heineken ‘The Premature Pour’ 2000

8. Mercedes Benz. “Falling In Love Again.” Lowe New York. The best Mercedes ad ever, in my opinion. Ever

Mercedes ‘Falling in Love Again’ 1997

9. Castelmaine xxxx.
My Partner Peter Gibb did this at Saatchi and Saatchi London. Talk about understanding the brand.

Castlemaine XXXX ‘Bridge’ 1991

10. And then he dropped an x for .xxx and Fearless. We shot 15 spots in a week. This one starred the agency producer, Ian Single after an actor let us down. Pete is unthreatened by change and the advent of digital and social. This whole campaign was co written with Gavin McInnes and Rooster NY. From TV to Twitter!!

Operation X: Sheep Farmer from GetYour DomainToday on Vimeo.

XXX ‘Sheep Farmer’2011

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