DDB Chicago shows how to make comparison website ads with Cars.com Super Bowl spot

UK TV viewers have been known to assault their TV remotes as they, in turn, have been assaulted by noisy and banal price comparison website ads. DDD Chicago shows how it should be done here, with a well-crafted ad that sums up beautifully the left brain/right brain battle people are faced with when contemplating some gleaming new metal.

I particularly like the way the salesman says “Which vehicle would you like to go with today?” as though the punter buys one every day. This may not be a joke of course, just the way Americans talk.

But it’s good stuff and runs in the Super Bowl on Sunday. The copywriter was Matt Collier and the art director Wayne Robinson. It was directed by Tim Godsall for Biscuit Filmworks and edited by Geoff Hounsell at Arcade.

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