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BBH is trying hard for BA but being positive about the Olympics is a poser for agencies

This is Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s ‘The Race’ commercial for British Airways, lauding the supposedly ‘state of the art’ baggage train at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 (at least the bags don’t seem to be nicked as often as they once were).

So what, you may say? But it’s the Olympics innit so it becomes a race between the UK and Brazil to see which country makes it off the carousel first.

By the time the Games open in July we’ll all be pretty fed up with these ads; all they’ll do for many Brits is remind them how the greatest show on earth is not for them because they can’t get tickets. Apparently only 29 per cent of the tickets for the showpiece events have gone to the natives who are, justifiably, restless about it.

And all those FIFA delegates, Russian oligarchs and corporate fat cats who’ve nicked the tickets won’t be collecting their own baggage will they?

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