Aegis says our story that Carat’s deal with General Motors is cost-only is ‘inaccurate’

And that’s about all we can tell you for now.

Here are our two original stories about the ‘cost-only’ deal and the way Aegis might be making it work through a Posterscope outdoor deal in the US.

Aegis says: ‘While the nature of our contract with General Motors (GM), or any other client, remains confidential, it is totally inaccurate to describe our contract with GM as a ‘no profit’ or ‘cost-only’ contract.’

Well this is a tricky one. Our sources on Aegis/Carat/General Motors have so far proved to be either prescient or preternaturally lucky. We reported that GM’s $3bn global media account was on its way to Carat in December last year when the rest of the world found out at the end of January this year.

But there you go. Big deals are big and complicated. And we don’t doubt that Aegis is a company of its word.

Any more developments, we’ll keep you posted.

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