180 Amsterdam and director Cary Fukunaga launch PlayStation Vita portable games console

The official launch of the PlayStationVita portable games console next Wednesday is a big day for the Japanese tech giant, which is famously good at producing new gizmos and not so clever at making money out of them.

The pre-launch has been so extensive that you wonder quite what they’re going to add next week. Playing the main role so far is this film directed by Sundance Festival award-winner Cary Fukunaga for agency 180 Amsterdam and London-based Independent Films, which seems to be producing a new blockbuster several times a week at the moment.

The PS Vita’s initial games line-up looks interesting: alongside FIFA Football and Wipeout 2048 it also offers Little Deviants (sadly they’re like Angry Birds). 180’s creative director was Galen Graham, art director was Martin Terhart and copywriter David Chalu.

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