101 goes down exceedingly old route for embattled Premier Foods’ Mr Kipling

Fallon breakaway 101 (with the added ingredient of former Cadbury marketing director Phil Rumbol) has been appointed by former Kraft executive Mike Clarke to help dig Premier Foods out of the financial mire it incurred when Premier’s former management paid £1.2m for Hovis maker RHM Foods.

Clarke has just persuaded most of his bankers to keep supporting Premier and one of the keys to the company’s fortunes is its ability to re-energise the ragbag of old brands it now owns.

One such is Mr Kipling, makers of ‘exceedingly good cakes,’ as you might remember from the old campaign, produced, I think, by JWT.

Here’s 101’s new effort, which as chosen ‘Grandma’s Tin,’ as a slightly strange brand icon.

And here’s one of the old ones.

Does the new one show Rumbol’s influence? That is, if it worked before it might work again?

Let’s hope it does for Mike Clarke and Premier.

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