RKCR/Y&R shows first fruits of £47m Vodafone win

Last year WPP persuaded Vodafone to carry out a WPP-only pitch for its £47m UK account and the lucky winner was RKCR/Y&R. This is its first ad for Vodafone’s Red Box which allows you to transfer numbers and content to your new phone in-store.

So did the boys and girls from Greater London House (now looking rather smart with its spruced up black cats) deserve the prize? Using any Star Wars character can be a substitute for thought but it’s pretty good, even managing to depict Vodafone users as humans (I suppose a Jedi helps here), which hasn’t always been the case in the mobile giant’s previous campaigns.

But it’s not really a campaign yet is it? Unless the couple featured here are going to be an item. Or not the Jedi, surely?

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