Now Google+ signs up David Beckham

Google’s latest social media foray Google+ has already done a good job of annoying competitors Facebook and Twitter, both complaining that the way it is incorporated in Google search results acts to their disadvantage.

But the new service still needs to put more bums on seats, users who want to ‘hang out’ on the service.

In that case who better to enlist for the cause than the ubiquitous David Beckham, still (just) a footballer but now the leading global representative of…Brand Beckham. So users can now hang out with Dave next week.

We don’t know how many squillions have changed hands in this particular deal, maybe Beckham just sees it as marketing for him.

But Beckham has a pretty well unmatched record of picking winners. When he went to America to sign for LA Galaxy lots of people said that was that, it was just another final payday (huge admittedly) for an old footballer. But Becks has now become as big a name (or bigger) on that side of the Atlantic as he is in Britain. And football in the US appears to be booming with American players even playing a significant role in the UK’s Premiership, with stars like Frenchman Thierry Henry and home-grown Landon Donovan nipping over to top up their wallets in the US close season.

Becks himself has chosen not to go and play for French Arab moneybags team Paris St Germain after news of his mooted move caused a storm in France, chiefly over the €6m or so he was supposed to receive every month. This looks another smart choice; he can stay in the US, make nearly as much money and remain popular.

Will he succeed in kick starting Google+? You wouldn’t bet against it.

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