Joan Collins to make ad comeback for Snickers?

That’s what the Mail on Sunday thinks anyway, reporting yesterday that veteran actress Joan Collins, 78, is to make an advertising comeback for Mars brand Snickers, courtesy of agency AMV BBDO presumably.

Apparently Joan, whose tastes usually run to posh, likes cheap, cheerful and calorie-packed Snickers bars (although this is probably not how client and agency would put it).

AMV rather likes celebs of course, maxing out on Gary Lineker for Walkers, occasionally with assistance from the likes of Elle McPherson. Quite how Joan fits the Snickers target profile is a bit of a mystery but, then, the same could be said of football presenter Lineker. But of course it’s ‘acting, dear boy, acting’ as Laurence Olivier once famously observed to an overly intense Dustin Hoffman.

Joan has previous of course, most notably with the late, great Leonard Rossiter for Cinzano and Collett Dickenson Pearce.

Setting the bar pretty high, then.

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    I think the executions work wonderfully. And the global interpretations are superb as well, the US one with Roseanne Barr especially! I will wait to see what impact the advertising has before calling it a triumph!
    It’s easy to think ‘what the hell are they thinking’ when you hear snickers have replaced Mr T with Joan Collins, but then it’s all in the execution – and the execution in this case is superb!!!!!