Hershey’s Jolly Rancher crowd-sources a prize-winning turtle from director Olivier Agostini

Steven Spielberg thinks there should be Oscars for animals so why not Gold Lions for turtles?

One such is the star of a new campaign for Hershey’s new Jolly Rancher Crunch n’ Chew candy, the result of a crowd-sourcing exercise on the theme ‘crunchy but chewy.’

The winner, ‘Turtle,’ was written and directed by Olivier Agostini. “The words ‘a crunchy hard shell with a chewy inside’ kept making me think of a turtle”, says Agostini. “I’ve never owned a turtle, nor do I know anything about turtles, but I couldn’t seem to shake this vivid picture from my imagination.

After a week of brainstorming, Agostini came up with the concept for a spot about a sinister party who’s staring at a turtle, wanting to eat it for its ‘crunchy and chewy’ qualities, and a turtle who is trying to convince him to eat Jolly Ranchers instead. “This could not just be any turtle,” says Agostini. “I had to give the turtle some sort of power. And since the turtle was limited in terms of mobility (turtles aren’t very good at karate) I figured lasers would be an easy and funny defense mechanism. And who doesn’t love lasers?”

Jolly Rancher – “Turtle” (:45) from Olivier Agostini on Vimeo.

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