Gingrich backers Winning Our Future blast Mitt Romney in ‘vulture capitalist’ ad campaign

The battle for the Republican presidential nomination might not be all over yet as clear leader Mitt Romney (who nobody seems actually to like) comes under fierce fire from this ‘When Mitt Romney came to town’ campaign from Republican lobby group Winning Our Future which backs flagging rival and former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich.

Romney made his considerable millions as one of the founders in 1984 (and CEO) of Bain Capital, an asset-stripping bunch who closed down large swathes of middle America (according to this anyway, it actually makes Romney seem interesting).

And powerful stuff it is too, note the judicious use of late, mostly unlamented Brit Jimmy Goldsmith.

The trouble for WOF is that Gingrich is no oil painting either, in any respect, although he’s not quite as barmy as the other trailing Republican contenders.

In fact the only person who’s guaranteed to gain from this is Democrat incumbent Barack Obama. If Romney does indeed win the Republican nomination he’s already got this on YouTube and all over the internet doing his work for him.

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