Coke’s tampering with its cans again, this time for Diet Coke ‘Love it Light’ campaign

They don’t give up in Atlanta do they? Before Christmas Coca-Cola ran a campaign with the World Wildlife Fund featuring white cans designed to plug their joint efforts to save polar bears.

US Coke drinkers (some of whom seem markedly less intelligent than the polar bears) promptly complained in droves that they didn’t know which Coke they were buying and the campaign was pulled.

Now Diet Coke is teaming with US cosmetics firm Benefit for its ‘Love it Light’ campaign aimed at girlies, complete with designer cans. Benefit, it says, is now its very own ‘make up artist.’

Well this is dangerous stuff and no mistake. Next up we’ll have Coke-drinking Republican types saying it’s all a Democrat plot to sap the moral fibre of young American males.

Rather less contentiously, there’s a nice film from Mother to go with it (although the girls sound suspiciously English).

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