Asics takes a pop at ‘celebrity’ sports star ads in pan-European Olympics campaign

Japanese sports company Asics is joining the Olympics rush with its biggest European campaign to date, ‘Made of Sport,’ from 180 Amsterdam. There are also six short internet films.

The trick, of course, is to attract those people who don’t leap out of bed of a morning to go on a five mile run but who might want to look as though they’re getting into the spirit of things when they jog down the pub.

Does it match the brief though? Here’s what the boss, European marketing director Michael Price, says: “We decided to create a campaign that strips sport back to its true authentic meaning and taps into its real values; teamwork, sacrifice, sportsmanship and dedication. We feel our audience will relate much more to seeing the behind the scenes of elite sport and everyday athletes than they will to watching high-profile ‘celebrity’ athletes pose and posture.”

Guess it does. Take that Nike!

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