Wieden+Kennedy sweeps ITV viewers’ Ad of the Year poll – although you’d never know it from ITV

Wieden+Kennedy London’s ‘Cats with thumbs’ for Cravendale milk topped the ITV Ad of the Year viewers’ poll for best commercial of 2011, ahead of Saatchi & Saatchi’s T-Mobile ad featuring a flashmob-style bogus traffic warden and US agency Deutsch’s celebrated ‘Young Darth Vader’ for VW Passat.

And very good they are too, as were all the others in a list which, rather gratifyingly, seemed to show that hardened and, in some cases, long-suffering ITV viewers (who are still complaining about all the ads in Downton Abbey) appreciate decent creativity when it flashes before them. BA’s ‘To fly, to serve’ came in at six, for example. And you wouldn’t call this populist.

Here’s a full list, with a rather dyspeptic commentary. Why doesn’t ITV do this?

Anyway W+K London won top spot and the agency’s Portland HQ also featured with Old Spice and Amsterdam with Heineken’s ‘The Entrance.’

But you would never have known this from the programme. For some reason, known only to ITV, the people who actually made the ads were not credited, the individuals interviewed just subtitled as the ‘ad creators for Cravendale’ or whatever. Even Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s stylist on BA was the ‘stylist for BA,’ which must come as unwelcome news to cost-cutting BA boss Willie Walsh.

The one exception was the brass band in the Freeview commercial at 14 which was credited in its own name as the Fairey brass band. Even the muppets at ITV drew back from claiming that Freeview had its own brass band.

Why is ITV being so curmudgeonly (and downright misleading)? Maybe it wants to brown nose its clients by giving them all the credit. But it’s still ridiculous.

Anyway here’s Cravendale.

And Saatchi’s T-Mobile effort.

This, part of its ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign, is actually brilliant, building on our hatred for traffic wardens. Conning members of the great British public like this does make me a bit uneasy though. Although ITV itself has a long history of so doing, stemming back to Candid Camera.

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    Another reason could be that ITV has moved its account in-house from BBH and rather than be mean spirited towards just their former agency, they could be mean spirited to the entire industry. Some things at ITV will never change and with Crozier and Hazlitt at the tiller, it’ll just get worse.