Now Bell Pottinger is dragged into the phone-hacking scandal as it tells News International boss Rebekah Brooks where to be arrested

Well this is all a bit peculiar and no mistake. The Daily Telegraph alleges that Lord Bell’s PR and lobbying company Bell Pottinger advised its client Rebekah Brooks (pictured), former editor of the News of the World, Sun and then CEO of News International, about which particular police station she should turn up to be arrested at following the latest twists and turns in the phone-hacking scandal.

Here’s what the Telegraph says:

Rebekah Brooks was told by lobbyists to carefully select which police station she should be taken to for questioning, it emerged last night.

It appears she was encouraged by senior executives at Bell Pottinger, who had links to the police, to rule out stations that gave easy access for the media.

A senior executive at the firm also claimed that the former News International boss was ‘in tears’ when Rupert Murdoch was attacked during his appearance at the Culture Select Committee.

It has also been revealed that the lobbyists claimed they had access to Vince Cable as well as the Prime Minister.

Tim Collins, the firm’s managing director, told undercover reporters that the company had been representing Ms Brooks since she resigned in July over accusations of phone-hacking at the News of the World.

The Independent reported that the firm’s advice, from both Mr Collins and chairman David Wilson, even went as far as helping choose the police station she should be questioned at.

Mr Collins said: ‘Dave was on the phone…”No that nick’s not quite right, no no, that one’s got a car park, not that one’s down a tunnel”… and I thought he was on to some very dodgy part of the criminal underworld but in fact it was his brother-in-law who’s a police officer.’

This is a tough one for Bell Pottinger; it’s become far too cocky. The only answer is for a few expensive and well-connected heads to roll.

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