Fred & Farid launch new monochrome kissing epic for Martini

Many of us thought that signature 60s and 70s drink Martini had disappeared but it appears to be a making a comeback based on the Mad Men look of skinny lapels, white shirts and thin ties.

French agency Fred & Farid’s new monochrome effort cleverly uses split screens for a new campaign ‘Luck is an Attitude’ which stars one Yuri Buzzi, winner of Martini’s ‘Kisser Casting’ competition. The poor boy has to kiss ten women in the course of the campaign.

The 33 year-old was chosen from 35 finalists and is more than just a good kisser. “I was at work and saw the page for the Kisser Casting Talent Search on Facebook. I saw the phrase ‘luck is an attitude’ and thought, that’s how I live my life. I believe you make your own luck in life, so I knew I had to enter, and signed up there and then,” says Yuri.

“I’m really determined, If I want something I won’t give up. I’m always pursuing my dreams, and my dream is to be an actor, so I work hard for it every day. I’m a fighter.”

So there you go. Actually it’s quite clever of Fred & Farid to turn a client competition into a decent ad. The music ‘Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh’ hails from Tin Pan Alley in 1917 and was revived by the Andrews Sisters in 1940. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a music publisher these days?

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